Bunny And Bees In Garden Pillow

By New World | Item #: NW310201
Bunny And Bees In Garden Pillow

Bunny And Bees In Garden Pillow

By New World | Item #: NW310201
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  • Size: 9x9"
  • Material: Felt & Beading

As the spring sun warms the earth, the Bunny And Bees In Garden Pillow brings a snapshot of nature's liveliness into your home. This hand-stitched felt pillow, measuring a cozy 9x9 inches, features a playful scene of a grey little rabbit enjoying a jaunt through a blossoming field, a joyous nod to the Easter season.

The scene is a bustling tableau of activity with bees, rendered in felt appliques, buzzing around in their busy dance as the rabbit, adorned in a hand-stitched pink jacket with meticulously sewn beading, gathers flowers. Each floral detail on the pillow is carefully crafted by hand, adding depth and a personal touch to this textile artwork.

The pillow's verdant green background is a canvas that brings the freshness of a spring garden indoors. The vibrant colors of the flowers pop against the green, creating a vivid contrast that's as refreshing as a real walk among the spring blooms. The rabbit, with its soft grey felt and a lively pink jacket, is not just a figure on fabric, but a character full of life, bringing with it the spirit of exploration and delight.

Perfect for adorning a favorite chair or adding a touch of spring to a child's bedroom, this pillow is versatile in its display and brings with it a story of springtime adventures. It's a celebration of the new life that Easter heralds and the quiet hustle and bustle of the garden that goes unnoticed unless one truly looks.

The Bunny And Bees In Garden Pillow is an invitation to pause and appreciate the wonders of the season, to revel in the beauty of handcrafted decor, and to welcome the simple joys that nature offers as the world reawakens from its wintry slumber.

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