Bunnies & Chick Heart Ornaments Set/3

By Tony International | Item #: LD111048
Bunnies & Chick Heart Ornaments Set/3

Bunnies & Chick Heart Ornaments Set/3

By Tony International | Item #: LD111048
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Product Description
  • Size: 3x2.25"
  • Material: Handmade beaded felt

Handmade felt heart shaped ornaments, stuffed and embellished with beading! There is a blue heart with a white bunny chasing a carrot, a white bunny sitting in the grass on a green heart and a yellow chick on a white heart, perfect for your Easter tree or use them on your Easter gift packages!

Springtime joy is in full bloom with the Bunnies & Chick Heart Ornaments Set, where each felt heart is a small token of Easter delight. This set of three hand-stitched felt ornaments is a festival of spring colors and characters, lovingly crafted to add a touch of warmth to your Easter celebrations.

In this trio, each 3-inch tall heart ornament tells a different story. The first heart, in a serene shade of blue, features a white bunny in mid-frolic, playfully chasing after a vibrant orange carrot. Tiny beads glisten like morning dew, accentuating the lively chase captured on this ornament. It's a scene of joyous pursuit, a celebration of the season's playful spirit.

On the second ornament, a lush green heart forms the backdrop for a serene white bunny. This little creature sits contentedly amid blades of grass, surrounded by a sprinkling of floral embroidery. The bunny's peaceful demeanor radiates a calmness that's synonymous with the gentle rebirth of the earth during spring.

The final piece of the set presents a cheerful baby chick, perched on a pure white heart. It sits encircled by a garland of hand-stitched flowers, its tiny beaded eyes sparkling with a lively curiosity. This chick, a classic symbol of new beginnings, brings a sense of hope and renewal wherever it hangs.

Each ornament is stuffed to create a soft, three-dimensional effect, making them not just ornaments but miniature plush treasures. Hang them on an Easter tree, dangle them from a special nook, or use them to adorn your Easter gift packages; their versatility is matched only by their delightful appearance.

These ornaments are a celebration of the season, ideal for those who hold a special place in their hearts for the springtime tale of bunnies, chicks, and new beginnings. The Bunnies & Chick Heart Ornaments Set is a sweet, festive addition to any Easter décor, ready to be hung and admired by all who cherish the joy of the season.

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