Bunnies At The Windmill Pillow

By Tony International | Item #: LD121013
Bunnies At The Windmill Pillow

Bunnies At The Windmill Pillow

By Tony International | Item #: LD121013
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Product Description
  • Size: 16x16"
  • Material: Handstitched Felt

These two white bunnies are harvesting their carrots before all the bees and bugs eat them up. This hand stitched pillow is made of felt with felt appliqués of bees, baskets of carrots, trees, and a giant windmill that the bunnies store their bounty in.

The Bunnies At The Windmill Pillow is a vibrant scene of Easter joy, each stitch bringing to life a pastoral scene rich with the bounty of spring. This 16x16 inch hand-stitched felt pillow is a testament to the season's harvest, with two diligent white bunnies busy gathering their carrots under the watchful gaze of buzzing bees and fluttering bugs.

Crafted with care, the pillow's surface is a canvas of soft felt, showcasing appliqués that pop with vivid color and dimension. The central windmill stands tall, a whimsical storage for the rabbits' harvest, its felt blades poised as if caught mid-turn by a gentle spring breeze. The surrounding scene is alive with the movement of industrious insects, from bees to ladybugs, all meticulously stitched to create a sense of bustling activity.

The two bunnies, rendered in pure white felt, are the stars of this charming narrative. One bunny is dressed in a fetching pink ensemble, basket brimming with freshly picked carrots, while the other, attired in a smart blue jacket, holds a single carrot, perhaps a snack for later. Their world is framed by a lush landscape of greenery, complete with carrot patches that promise a plentiful harvest.

This pillow, with its array of felt appliqués — from the carrots in their baskets to the trees dotting the background — is a celebration of spring's generous spirit. Each bee and bug adds to the story, a reminder of the vibrant ecosystem that thrives alongside the bunnies.

A perfect addition to any Easter-themed room, this pillow serves as a statement of abundance and joy. It is a cozy invitation to pause and appreciate the simple pleasures of the season, whether placed on a favorite chair or given a place of honor on a welcoming bed.

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