Bing Grondahl Seagull Plate

By Bing Grondahl | Item #: RB442
Bing Grondahl Seagull Plate

Bing Grondahl Seagull Plate

By Bing Grondahl | Item #: RB442
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  • Size: 10.25"
  • Material: Ceramic

This very collectible Bing Grondahl Seagull Dinner Plate has a creamy grey fade to blue ombre shading at the bottom of the plate. The seagull flying at the bottom of the plate has gold tipped wings, beak, eyes and feet. The edge of the Seagull plate is also tipped in gold. The plate was designed by Fanny Garde in 1894. Numbered 624 on the back with Made in Denmark and Copenhagen Porcelain surrounding the BG logo.

Gather 'round, collectors and seafarers alike, for a tale of ceramic beauty that brings the ocean to your table – the Bing & Grondahl Seagull Plate is a true maritime treasure! This 10.25-inch diameter plate isn't just a dish; it's a slice of the sea's serenity, crafted with a skill that has transcended time.

Designed by the talented Fanny Garde in 1894, the plate presents a white-grey that melts into an oceanic blue at its base, reminiscent of the gentle fade from a beach's shore into the deep, tranquil sea. A lone seagull, masterfully depicted with gold-tipped wings, beak, eyes, and feet, glides elegantly across the plate's bottom. The rim of the plate, also lined with gold, adds a subtle yet luxurious finish that's sure to catch the eye and light up any display cabinet.

Flip the plate over, and you'll find the proud markings of its heritage: the number 624, a sign of its place in the collection, along with 'Made in Denmark' and 'Copenhagen Porcelain' encircling the renowned BG logo, signaling its authenticity and valued craftsmanship.

Not just for the festive times but all year round, this Bing & Grondahl Seagull Plate is more than a decorative item. It's a portal to the Danish shores, a historic piece that carries with it the whispers of the ocean breeze and the calmness of the skies above. It's a collector's joy and a homemaker's pride, ready to grace your home with the elegance of the northern seas.

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