Bat Bucket

By One Hundred 80 Degrees | Item #: GVVI0560b
Bat Bucket
Bat Bucket

Bat Bucket

By One Hundred 80 Degrees | Item #: GVVI0560b
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Product Description
  • Size: 13x7x7", 12" Tall w/Handle
  • Material: Paper Mache & Wire

With a big grin and wide eyes, this Bat Bucket looks quite excited to be added to your Halloween decor! Bats love to hang around and this charming, lightweight paper mache bat bucket is easy to hang up in that perfect spot. Add him to a collection of Halloween buckets or use him as a trick or treat bucket! Bet you can't wait to see him filled with candy. Good luck not smiling every time you see him!

The Bat Bucket is ready to swoop into your heart as well as the festivities! With wide, excited eyes and a smile that lights up the dark, this Bat Bucket is a merry addition to any trick-or-treat quest. Measuring an agile 8 inches in stature and extending to 12 with its striped handle, this is the bucket that aims to be at the center of the night's excitement.

Crafted from paper mache and painted with a boldness that only the night's winged creatures can embody, the Bat Bucket isn't merely for gathering an array of candies; it stands out as a lively piece of decor. Its large, eyes and cheeky grin capture the playful essence of Halloween, a time when even the creatures of the dark come out to partake in the joy.

As a standout amongst Halloween collectibles, the Bat Bucket holds its own with pride. Its distinctive look brings an energetic vibe to any display. Perched on a shelf or dangled from a little one's grasp, it is ever-ready to leap into action, eagerly anticipating the treasures it will soon hold.

In this season of spooks and sweets, let the Bat Bucket be your cheerful companion, its playful demeanor a lighthearted counter to the night's eerie whispers. Welcome it into your Halloween customs, and let its beaming face and outstretched wings invite in the fun and excitement of the most spirited night of the year.

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