Baby Reindeer
Baby Reindeer
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  • Size: 3.5x3.5x2.5"
  • Material: Painted Resin

A Lori Mitchell design for ESC & Company

In the wintry wonderland of Lori Mitchell's imaginative world, there resides a sweet and playful creature known as the Baby Reindeer. This little reindeer is filled with boundless energy and an unyielding spirit of joy, always ready for a game no matter how snowy the landscape becomes.

Amidst a field of shimmering glittering snow, the Baby Reindeer eagerly awaits the arrival of a friend to join in the fun. With each passing moment, he prances and frolics, his tiny hooves leaving delicate imprints in the glistening powder. Despite his small size, his enthusiasm knows no bounds, and he radiates a contagious sense of excitement.

However, even in the midst of his spirited play, the Baby Reindeer takes great care not to disturb the adorable red bow adorning his neck. He knows that it adds an extra touch of charm to his appearance and wants to keep it perfectly in place.

Although not as renowned as the reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh, the Baby Reindeer has a heart that knows no limits when it comes to making friends. He embraces the spirit of unity and acceptance, readily befriending anyone who crosses his path. Whether paired with other Lori Mitchell Christmas pieces or, in particular, Mr. and Mrs. Claus, the Baby Reindeer brings a sense of warmth and companionship to any holiday display.

As the snowflakes dance around him and the twinkling lights illuminate his surroundings, the Baby Reindeer continues to wait patiently, confident that soon a friend will arrive to share in the joy of playtime. In his innocent gaze and gentle nature, he serves as a reminder of the simple pleasures that can be found in the company of loved ones and the magic of the holiday season.

With his endearing presence and ability to capture hearts, the Baby Reindeer invites us to embrace the spirit of playfulness, friendship, and inclusivity. Whether displayed on a mantel, nestled among Christmas greenery, or gifted to a dear friend, this enchanting figure embodies the joy and wonder that make the holiday season truly special.

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