American Belle

By Lori Mitchell | Item #: ESC12277
American Belle
American Belle

American Belle

By Lori Mitchell | Item #: ESC12277
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Product Description
  • Size: 6x3x2"
  • Material: Hand-Painted Resin
  • A Lori Mitchell design for ESC & Company
In the land of the brave and the home of the free, there shines a beacon of liberty named American Belle. With her red, white, and blue pinwheel held high, she captures the spirit of patriotism and exudes an undeniable charm that is as timeless as the stars and stripes.

This lustrous Lori Mitchell figure is an embodiment of the all-American girl, radiating joy and enthusiasm for the Fourth of July celebration. Her pigtails shoot out like dazzling fireworks, framing a face adorned with rosy cheeks that mirror the hues of freedom's flame. With each twirl of her pinwheel, she sends a whirlwind of joyous energy into the air, captivating the hearts of all who behold her.

But it's the subtle details that truly make American Belle the belle of the ball. Her mismatched socks, one in red and the other in blue, epitomize the whimsical nature of this beloved holiday. It's a nod to the charming imperfections that make each of us unique and a testament to the beauty of diversity in this great nation.

American Belle stands tall and proud, a symbol of unity and the indomitable American spirit. Whether she graces a patriotic display or becomes the centerpiece of a festive gathering, her presence ignites a sense of pride and admiration.

So join her in celebrating the land of liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Let American Belle be a reminder that in this great nation, we are free to express ourselves, embrace our individuality, and stand together as one. With her enchanting presence, she reminds us all of the boundless possibilities that lie within the embrace of the American dream.

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