Alexa Arachnid

By Lori Mitchell | Item #: ESC13338
Alexa Arachnid
Alexa Arachnid

Alexa Arachnid

By Lori Mitchell | Item #: ESC13338
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Product Description
  • Size: 8.25x4x3.25"
  • Material: Resin & Wire
  • Year Introduced: 2021
  • A Lori Mitchell design for ESC & Company
In the whimsical world of Lori Mitchell's creations, a new figure emerged from the depths of imagination. Meet Alexa Arachnid, a charming and creative character that spun a web of Halloween delight for all who encountered her.

Perched atop a pumpkin finial, Alexa Arachnid displayed all eight of her legs in full glory. Each leg carried its own unique charm, showcasing the intricate details that Lori Mitchell designs are known for. But it was the leg that held the pumpkin bucket that stole the show. Alexa eagerly awaited the arrival of passersby, hoping they would drop delicious Halloween candies inside her little vessel.

Alexa Arachnid, with her vibrant yellow front adorned with playful red polka dots, caught the eye of everyone who crossed her path. Her midnight black back added a touch of mystery and intrigue to her appearance. And to top it all off, a whimsical candy corn hat adorned her head, adding a festive touch to her ensemble.

While Alexa Arachnid may not possess the ability to grant superpowers or answer your every question like her electronic namesake, she had her own special talent – the power to weave a web of Halloween fun and create lasting Autumn memories. Her presence in any home or display brought a touch of whimsy and a reminder of the magic of the season.

With her charming personality and captivating design, Alexa Arachnid held her own among other beloved characters. In fact, she could give Charlotte from "Charlotte's Web" a run for her money in terms of cuteness and charisma. But don't be fooled by her sweet demeanor; Alexa is always ready to embrace the Halloween spirit and add a touch of playful mischief to the festivities.

So, if you're seeking a figure that embodies the essence of Halloween creativity and charm, look no further than Alexa Arachnid. Let her be a reminder to embrace your own imagination, spin your own web of joy, and celebrate the magic that comes with the changing seasons. Alexa Arachnid is a treasure to be cherished, a delightful addition to any Halloween display, and a companion ready to weave her way into your heart.

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