Acrylic Jewel Sprays Set/2

By Gerson Companies | Item #: SS2538490
Acrylic Jewel Sprays Set/2

Acrylic Jewel Sprays Set/2

By Gerson Companies | Item #: SS2538490
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Product Description
  • Size: 24x10x1" Each
  • Material: Acrylic & Metal
Transform your holiday home into a winter scene straight from a snow-kissed forest with the Acrylic Jewel Sprays Set. This pair of majestic 24-inch tall decorations encapsulates the serene beauty of a frosty winter morning, each branch glistening as if dusted with the first delicate snowfall.

Crafted with a combination of acrylic and metal, these sprays are designed to mimic the natural elegance of icy branches under the soft winter sun. The acrylic jewels are affixed to the metal branches in a way that captures and reflects light, offering a subtle yet beautiful shimmer that enhances any holiday decor. The gentle bend of the branches gives you the flexibility to style them as you please, whether it's within a lush Christmas tree, laid on a mantle as part of a seasonal display, or adding a touch of sparkle to a festive centerpiece.

Each branch is adorned with multiple offshoots, and at the tip of each, a clear, crystal-like bead stands ready to catch the ambient light of your space. The effect is a soothing, glacial elegance that brings a calming, sophisticated presence to the bustling holiday atmosphere. The Acrylic Jewel Sprays Set is a statement of seasonal beauty and a versatile addition to your Christmas collection.

These sprays can complement a variety of themes, from a traditional setup to a more modern, minimalist approach. Their subtle sparkle is a nod to the silent and peaceful moments of the holiday season, making them an exquisite decor choice that will be admired year after year. Whether you're setting the scene for a festive gathering or simply want to add a touch of serene beauty to your home, these Acrylic Jewel Sprays are a testament to the quiet majesty of winter's touch.

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