Pamela Plant Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day & Patriotic Folk Art

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    Collecting vintage style decor has become all the rage and very popular for every holiday. It's no longer enough to collect vintage things from flea markets or swap meets. Now collectors love to add new designs to their collection from American artists that are creating modern yet vintage style folk art creations. Our exclusive Easter, St, Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day and Patriotic designs from Pamela Plant are so popular, mostly because our customers and collectors love that they are handmade by an American artist. They have a vintage yet kitschy feel that works well with all sorts of decorating styles! Decorated with ephemera, lace, crepe paper, tinsel, glitter and vintage images, Pamela's spun cotton or chenille figures and ornaments are the fun collectibles of the future. Be sure to also check out Pamela's collaboration with Johanna Parker under the JPD Partners in Craft line of items!

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