The Curse of Count Garlic

By Lori Mitchell | Item #: ESC15524
The Curse of Count Garlic
The Curse of Count Garlic
The Curse of Count Garlic

The Curse of Count Garlic

By Lori Mitchell | Item #: ESC15524
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Product Description
  • Size: 6.5x3x2"
  • Material: Poly Resin
  • Year Introduced: 2023
  • A Lori Mitchell design for ESC & Company

Ah, greetings, mortals! Behold, The Curse of the Count Garlic, a figure that pays homage to my eternal thirst for all things Halloween. Adorned with a head full of pungent garlic and a sinister fanged grin, Dracula himself emerges from the shadows, ready to partake in the delightful mischief of the season.

Draped in a flowing black cape that billows with an air of mystery, I, Count Dracula, wear an orange vest that mirrors the vibrant hues of the harvest moon. My grey striped pants elegantly complement the darkness that engulfs my domain, while the orange and white striped socks add a touch of whimsy to my nocturnal ensemble.

In my grasp, a smiling pumpkin bucket, a charming vessel through which I shall collect the delectable treats bestowed upon me during the ancient ritual of trick or treating. For even a creature of the night like myself finds joy in the simple pleasures of indulging in sugary delights.

As you assemble your cherished collection of trick or treater figures from the talented Lori Mitchell, I implore you to invite The Curse of the Count Garlic into your abode. Let his presence add a touch of macabre charm to your Halloween display, a haunting reminder of the legends that echo through the ages.

So, dear mortals, I bid you to embrace the darkness and revel in the enchantment of this hallowed night. Add the Count Garlic figure to your treasured collection and allow the spirit of Halloween to permeate your home. The shadows await, and I shall be watching, ready to share in the festivities of the darkest night.

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