Cody Foster Easter Decor

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    Mini Pastel Robin's Egg Ornaments Set/12
    #GO-761S | Introduced 2016
    Mini Pastel Robin's Egg Ornaments Set/12
    Material: Glass
    Size: 1.75" each
    Dapper Bunny Couple Set/2
    #PA-618 | Introduced 2016
    Dapper Bunny Couple Set/2
    Material: Hand Painted Chaulkware & Crepe
    Size: 8x3"
    Bunny Ballerina Ornament
    #WO-2000 | Introduced 2019
    Bunny Ballerina Ornament
    Material: Stuffed Wool & Fabric
    Size: 7x3x2"

    Like most pieces Cody Foster designs, his Easter collection has all the charm and retro style as his other holiday decor. There is a vintage feel to his chalk figures that makes you think you have discovered a treasure only found in an attic somewhere. His Easter ornaments are multi-functional because they don’t necessarily have an Easter theme, so they could be used on your garden themed tree or Christmas tree just as easily!

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