Ghostly Bubble Light
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Product Description
  • Size: 10.5x5x3"
  • Material: Ceramic, Plastic & Electric Cord
  • A Bethany Lowe design

Holding a bubbling jack o' lantern in his arms, this glittery Ghost Bubble Light has a shocked expression on his face, surprised that we can see him sneaking off with that pumpkin. The orange light on top bubbles and looks like a candle, making it a perfect accent light for your haunted house.

The Ghostly Bubble Light is here to bring a soft and spooky glow to your Halloween nights. This 10.5-inch tall ceramic figure is a Bethany Lowe design, showcasing a glitter-covered ghost caught in the act, with a jack o' lantern cradled in its arms and a look of surprise that you've noticed its mischievous deeds.

This phantom brings more than just his cute spectral charm. Atop his pumpkin is an orange bubble light that simulates the flicker of a real candle. As it warms up, the liquid inside begins to bubble, creating an entrancing effect that adds to the spookiness of your haunted house setup. The ghost's wide eyes suggest he's as mesmerized by the bubbling light as we are.

Set this ghostly companion on a mantle, a window sill, or amidst the darker parts of your haunted home to add an eerie ambiance to your festivities. It's perfect for setting the mood for ghost stories or simply lighting the way for trick-or-treaters. The glow from the bubble light casts mysterious shadows, creating an atmosphere filled with spooky delight.

This Ghostly Bubble Light is a lively little character that brings a fun and ghostly presence to any Halloween celebration. Its unique design ensures it will be remembered and talked about, making it a fantastic addition to any collection of Halloween decor.

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