Bethany Lowe Christmas Lighted Decor

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    Bubble Light Snowman
    Bubble Light Snowman
    Material: Electrically Wired Bubble Light & Glazed Resin
    Size: 8x4"

    Bethany Lowe is not known for her lighted holiday decor, but when and if she does venture into the lighted world, rest assured that it will have a vintage or retro feel. One of the most popular pieces in the Bethany Lowe Christmas line is her Bubble Light Santa or Snowman lights, inspired from the bubble lights that clip on to Christmas trees. These small lighted pieces work fabulously as a hallway or kitchen night light, but we know of a few young children that begged their parents to use it as their seasonal night light. These retro gems also add a touch of ambience to a vignette or holiday display. They are electric, so an outlet is needed close by.

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