Dapper Desmond Skelly

By Bethany Lowe Designs | Item #: TD0059
Dapper Desmond Skelly
Dapper Desmond Skelly
Dapper Desmond Skelly

Dapper Desmond Skelly

By Bethany Lowe Designs | Item #: TD0059
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Product Description
  • Size: 9.25x6.5x3.25"
  • Material: Hand Painted Resin, Crepe Paper, Chain & Wire
  • Year Introduced: 2021
  • A Bethany Lowe design
Seriously, this piece alone made our year! This Dapper Desmond Skelly inspired a whole decorating theme in our store! He is just so darned dapper and looks chuffed as chips in his glittery hat, finely tailored coat and golden monocle. Walking about town with his pet bat skeleton, he has a good feeling about tonight's Hallows Eve Festivities. Dapper Desmond Skelly is the perfect gentleman for injecting some light hearted fun into your decor this Halloween.

Allow me to introduce you to the epitome of Halloween elegance and charm, Dapper Desmond Skelly from the Bethany Lowe Halloween collection. This bewitching figure has become the highlight of our year, igniting a whole new decorating theme in our store. His presence alone exudes sophistication and whimsy.

Dapper Desmond Skelly is the embodiment of debonair style. With his glittery top hat perched atop his bony head, a finely tailored coat draped over his skeletal frame, and a golden monocle adorning one eye socket, he is the very definition of dapper. Every detail has been carefully crafted to create a sense of refined Halloween fashion.

As he strolls through the town, Dapper Desmond Skelly is accompanied by his loyal pet bat skeleton, a whimsical companion that adds an extra touch of delight to his ensemble. Together, they exude an air of anticipation for the Hallows Eve festivities that await them.

In his bones, Dapper Desmond Skelly carries a sense of confidence and lightheartedness. His charming demeanor and impeccable style make him the perfect gentleman to inject a dose of playful fun into your Halloween decor. Whether placed on a mantel, displayed as a centerpiece, or positioned as a focal point in your Halloween vignette, Dapper Desmond Skelly is sure to enchant all who lay eyes upon him.

So, dear Halloween enthusiasts, embrace the enchantment of Dapper Desmond Skelly and let him weave his magic throughout your Halloween celebrations. With his irresistible charm and dapper attire, he will bring a touch of sophistication and whimsy to your festive decor, making this Halloween an unforgettable experience for all.

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