Harvest Turkey With Fall Gourds Pillow

By Tony International | Item #: LD126004
Harvest Turkey With Fall Gourds Pillow

Harvest Turkey With Fall Gourds Pillow

By Tony International | Item #: LD126004
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  • Size: 14x14"
  • Material: Handstitched Felt

This turkey is surrounded by fall gourds, acorns and corn, as if he is inside a cornucopia. Both the turkey and accoutrements are made of hand stitched felt appliqué that is inset into a circular frame on the middle of the pillow. There's something special about this pillow, and it makes a great gift.

As leaves turn and the air grows crisp, the Harvest Turkey With Fall Gourds Pillow brings the essence of autumn into your home. This 14x14 inch felt pillow features a proud turkey, rendered in rich, hand-stitched felt appliqués, encircled by a cornucopia of fall gourds, acorns, and corn—each piece a testament to the skilled handiwork that brings this scene to life.

Positioned in the center against a soft cream background, the turkey displays an array of colored feathers, each with a distinct pattern and texture that seem to dance in a silent autumnal ballet. The surrounding bounty is a celebration of harvest, a tribute to the season when nature's gifts are gathered and gratitude is shared.

The circular frame within the pillow borders the composition, giving it the feel of a piece of art as much as a functional item. This framing turns an ordinary pillow into a statement piece, a conversation starter, a work of art that serves as both comfort and decoration.

The Harvest Turkey With Fall Gourds Pillow is an ideal gift for those who appreciate the subtle details that mark a craftsman's labor. It's more than just a pillow; it's a story of Thanksgiving told in fabric and thread. Each stitch is a note in a symphony of tradition that plays not just on the holiday but throughout the fall season.

This pillow isn't only for the Thanksgiving enthusiast but for anyone who delights in the simple pleasures of the season. It's a comforting companion on a chilly evening, a festive addition to a Thanksgiving gathering, and a daily reminder of nature's generosity. With this pillow, you bring not just a design into your home, but a piece of the harvest season's soul.

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