Harvest Pumpkins Square Pillow

By New World | Item #: NW435002
Harvest Pumpkins Square Pillow

Harvest Pumpkins Square Pillow

By New World | Item #: NW435002
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Product Description
  • Size: 17x17x6"
  • Material: Handstitched Wool Felt

This hand stitched felt pillow is beautifully decorated with a collection of harvest pumpkins. Thread is attached to look like vines and straw, which gives this pillow a realistic pumpkin patch look and feel. The border has beautiful leafy vines and budding flowers that just makes this pillow look all the more gorgeous.

This Harvest Pumpkins Square Pillow is a treasure trove of autumnal splendor. Measuring a generous 17x17 inches, each stitch on this wool felt creation brings the harvest season into your living space. The front of the pillow is adorned with a quaint assembly of pumpkins, each one boasting a different shade reminiscent of the turning leaves and the warm, golden fields of fall. The hand-stitched detailing on this pillow creates a tableau that is the pinnacle of cozy.

The pumpkins, nestled amongst what seems like a tangle of vines and straw, give you the sense of wandering through a pumpkin patch on a crisp autumn day. The threads, carefully chosen for their hues and textures, add depth to the design, making each pumpkin pop against the soft, cream background. Framing this pastoral scene is a border rich with leafy vines and berries. This delicate trim not only adds to the visual appeal but also reflects the abundance of the season.

This pillow is a fitting accent for both Halloween festivities and Thanksgiving gatherings. It brings not just a splash of color but also a hint of the outdoor harvest into your home. Whether it graces your favorite armchair or adds comfort to your couch, this pillow is sure to be a topic of admiration and warmth during the festive months.

Perfect for those who appreciate the simpler times and home made style, this Harvest Pumpkins Square Pillow is a homely yet sophisticated addition to any room. It invites you to snuggle up with a hot beverage and enjoy the cozy ambiance it brings to your home décor.

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Harvest Pumpkins Square Pillow
Harvest Pumpkins Square Pillow
Material: Handstitched Wool Felt
Size: 17x17x6"
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