Fall Pumpkins & Sunflowers Pillow

By New World | Item #: NW21527
Fall Pumpkins & Sunflowers Pillow

Fall Pumpkins & Sunflowers Pillow

By New World | Item #: NW21527
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  • Size: 7x7"
  • Material: Hand Stitched Felt

The cornucopia on this hand stitched felt pillow is overflowing with Fall vegetables and fruits. Pumpkins, corn, grapes, and a big sunflower, all made of felt appliqué, have that hand sewn feel to them that gives this pillow a human touch that you can't find in production pillows.

Autumn's bounty is splendidly captured in the cozy confines of the Fall Pumpkins & Sunflowers Pillow, a Thanksgiving decoration that exemplifies the season's richest offerings. This hand-stitched felt pillow, measuring 7x7 inches, is a miniature harvest festival all on its own, brimming with the imagery of a cornucopia overflowing with fall's vegetables and fruits.

The pumpkins on this pillow boast the vibrant oranges of a pumpkin patch, while the corn's earthy tones and the grapes' deep purples are reminiscent of a walk through autumnal vineyards. The centerpiece, a large sunflower, spreads its felt appliqué petals in a sunburst of yellow, with a brown center dotted to mimic its seeded core. Each element is hand-sewn, giving the pillow a distinct human touch that sets it apart from mass-produced counterparts.

The texture of the pillow is rich and inviting, with the layered appliqué adding depth and character. The design conveys the fullness and fecundity of the harvest season, inviting you to touch and feel the craftsmanship that has gone into every stitch. Though compact in size, this pillow is significant in presence, perfect for gracing an armchair, adorning a window seat, or accenting a festive tablescape.

It's a celebration of handwork and tradition, evoking the painstaking effort of those who harvest and the homespun artistry of those who sew. As you prepare for Thanksgiving, let this Fall Pumpkins & Sunflowers Pillow be a cheerful addition to your decor, a small but mighty emblem of the season's joy and a tribute to the craft of needlework.

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