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    Green Tree Head Santa
    Green Tree Head Santa
    Material: Felt, fabric & batting
    Size: 36x12"

    There probably is not a family that isn't dealing with cancer in their lives, it recently touched our Traditions family and we lost a dear friend and employee in March, 2015. No one loved the holidays more than she did, in fact that is how she found us, searching out Old World Christmas ornaments way back in 1996. Candy became a valued customer that day and a cherished friend after that. With her passing, her husband was at a loss, not knowing what to do with all her precious collectibles. With no children to pass them to, he asked us to help. We thought this was a perfect opportunity to give back and help other women battling cancer. We don't want to benefit research, we want to get the money to the people that need it for their daily existence. We will be updating the site with further information about exactly where the proceeds will be donated. Until then, have fun shopping and marveling at this awesome collection she amassed over 30 years. There is so much to picture and add to this page, so you will have to check back often as we will continue to add items as we can. We miss her, but know she would be happy that so many of her most prized treasures are finding their way into new homes!

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