Sunflowers & Bees Wood Block Sign

Sunflowers & Bees Wood Block Sign
Sunflowers & Bees Wood Block Sign
Sunflowers & Bees Wood Block Sign

Sunflowers & Bees Wood Block Sign

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Product Description
  • Size: 4x4x1"
  • Material: Wood
  • A wooden block sign from Primatives By Kathy Garden Collection depicting a field of sunflowers.
  • Design is replicated from original artwork painted onto burlap canvas, giving the art a unique depth and texture.
  • Sunflower field sign is easy to hang via predrilled keyhole slot or can free-stand alone

As the sun graces the sky, so does the Sunflowers & Bees Wood Block Sign grace your living space, bringing with it a piece of the sun-kissed fields. Part of the Primitives By Kathy Garden Collection, this wood block sign draws in the eye with its vibrant portrayal of nature's very own solar flowers, the sunflowers, buzzing with lively bees.

4 inches tall, this radiant art piece is a testament to the bright days of spring. The design, a replication of original artwork on burlap canvas, offers a texture that adds a new dimension to the visual appeal. The sunflowers, with their golden petals reaching out, are the stars of this show, standing tall against a serene blue sky. Buzzing around them, the bees add animation to the tranquil field, their small wings fluttering in painted motion.

Not only does this piece stand as a tribute to the beauty of the outdoors, but it also brings a sunbeam of joy to any Easter celebration. Its easy display options are a boon; hang it up on a wall to float among your other decor using the pre-drilled keyhole slot, or let it stand freely, a beacon of spring on any surface it graces.

This Sunflowers & Bees Wood Block Sign goes beyond being a simple decorative item. It stands as a symbol of the lively dance between flora and fauna, a daily occurrence in nature's grand display. Brighten up a corner of your kitchen, add a ray of sunshine to your office, or gift it to someone special to spread the glow of natural beauty.

In a season where every day brings a new beginning, let this piece be a constant reminder of the bright, bustling life outside our windows. It's a daily greeting from the warmth of the sun and the joy of nature's simple pleasures.

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