Mouse King
Mouse King
Mouse King
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  • Size: 7x4.5"
  • Material: Resin & Metal
  • A Lori Mitchell design for ESC & Company

In the enchanting world of the Nutcracker Suite, there lived a mighty Mouse King, known for his dashing appearance and mischievous nature. Dressed in his striped pants, regal jacket, and adorned with a sparkling crown, he was the epitome of mouse royalty.

The Mouse King, with his sharp wit and cunning, was always up for a challenge. He had heard of the legendary Nutcracker, a toy with the power to come alive and protect young Marie Stahlbaum from danger. Intrigued by the tales, the Mouse King set out to test his own mettle against this formidable opponent.

Armed with a rather unconventional butter knife, the Mouse King prepared for battle. Confident in his abilities, he marched into the grand hall, where the Nutcracker awaited. The room crackled with anticipation as the two adversaries squared off.

With a swift motion, the Mouse King lunged forward, his butter knife gleaming in the candlelight. The Nutcracker, wielding his own toy sword, defended himself with grace and determination. The clash of their miniature weapons echoed through the air as the battle intensified.

The Mouse King fought valiantly, his quick movements and nimble steps matching the agility of the Nutcracker. However, despite his cunning tactics, the Nutcracker proved to be a formidable opponent. With a swift swing, the Nutcracker's sword struck true, toppling the Mouse King to the ground.

In that moment, the Mouse King's mischievous nature turned into admiration and respect for the Nutcracker. Rising to his feet, he extended a paw in surrender, acknowledging the Nutcracker's victory. The two adversaries set aside their differences and embraced the spirit of friendship.

From that day forward, the Mouse King became a treasured member of the Nutcracker Suite collection, a reminder that even the most fearsome foes can find common ground. Together, they would enchant audiences with their tale of friendship and adventure.

Collect all of Lori Mitchell's Nutcracker Suite figures to bring the magic of this timeless story to life. Each figure captures the essence of the characters, from the brave Nutcracker to the dapper Mouse King. Whether displayed as part of a festive Christmas scene or given as a gift, the Nutcracker Suite collection will transport you to a world of enchantment and wonder.

We have the most comprehensive collection of ornaments, folk art and collectibles as well as decor for every holiday and occasion that you celebrate!

We're a family owned store that's been open for almost 30 years, and online since 1997! We check each piece as they come in, and photograph our items ourselves to ensure the best online shopping experience. Thank you for choosing Traditions!

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