Roman's Candles

By Lori Mitchell | Item #: ESC15519
Roman's Candles
Roman's Candles
Roman's Candles

Roman's Candles

By Lori Mitchell | Item #: ESC15519
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  • Size: 6.5"
  • Material: Resin
  • A Lori Mitchell design for ESC & Company
Roman couldn't love the 4th of July more than he does!  Just looking at him you can probably figure out why, but if's the FIREWORKS!  He just loves the color, the excitement and the thrill of all of those rockets bursting in air!  Roman's Candles is a true celebration of all that is good about the patriotic holidays.

Summertime, when the air is filled with anticipation and the sky is adorned with bursts of vibrant colors, there stood Roman's Candles, a true embodiment of patriotic joy. As the sun began to set and the stars emerged, Roman couldn't contain his excitement for the grand celebration of the Fourth of July.

With a beaming smile that mirrored the sparkle of fireworks, Roman stood tall in his ensemble of red, white, and blue. His vibrant red jacket exuded the spirit of passion and determination, while his blue and white striped shorts symbolized the freedom that danced through the hearts of the nation.

But it was his accessories that truly made Roman shine. In his hands, he held candles that mirrored the majestic display of fireworks, their colors mirroring the explosive beauty that would soon illuminate the night sky. And atop his head, a crown of candles adorned him, making him look like the very essence of celebration and festivity.

With each step he took, Roman's excitement grew, his energy radiating in every direction. He knew that the Fourth of July was a time to come together, to unite as a nation and revel in the grandeur of freedom. And in his presence, hearts were lifted, and spirits soared.

In the company of other Lori Mitchell figures, such as Independent Izzy and Dapper Dan the Rocket Man, Roman's Candles formed a tapestry of American patriotism, a display that captured the essence of this cherished holiday. Together, they symbolized unity, pride, and the unyielding spirit that made this nation great.

As the night fell and the first burst of fireworks illuminated the sky, Roman's heart soared with joy. He reveled in the awe-inspiring spectacle, the vibrant colors dancing in harmony with the beating of his own heart. In that moment, he knew that he was not just an observer but a part of the celebration itself.

So, as Roman's Candles stands tall and proud, let us join him in embracing the spirit of unity and freedom that defines our great nation. Let us celebrate the joy, the excitement, and the dazzling beauty that the Fourth of July brings. And may Roman's Candles inspire us to light up the world with our own unique spark, reminding us that together, we can create a radiant tapestry of patriotism and pride.

Pair Roman's Candles with the other Lori Mitchell figures:  Independent Izzy, (ESC12282), Putting on a Show (ESC14485) and Dapper Dan the Rocket Man (ESC11031) for a terrific display of American Patriotism!!

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