Red Glittered Waffle Heart Ornament
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Product Description
  • Size: 2.25x1.5x.5"
  • Material: Glass & Glitter
  • A German glass ornament by Inge Glas

This Bumpy Heart ornament has a waffle pattern in the mold and red glittered dots at each joint. It's a very cute little heart ornament that looks great on your Valentine tree or even your Christmas tree. The Red Glittered Waffle Heart Ornament by Inge Glas of Germany is a heart-shaped symphony of sparkle! This ornament is not just a decoration; it's a dazzling masterpiece that turns ordinary hearts into extraordinary works of art.

Imagine a heart that's not just red but bedazzled with dots of glitter that scream, ""I'm here to shine!"" It's like this ornament went to a glitter disco and came back ready to boogie on your tree. Move over, plain hearts; this one has a waffle pattern that's cooler than the other side of the pillow.

The waffle pattern, a geometric marvel, isn't about breakfast delights; it's about adding texture and flair to your holiday decor. Picture lines and separations that dance like sugarplum fairies, creating a visual symphony that's music to your eyes.

In the world of ornaments, this one is a trendsetter – the cool kid on the festive block. Hang it on your tree, let it shimmer from your garland, or gift it to someone who deserves a heart as unique as they are.

Whether you're a holiday enthusiast or just someone who appreciates the art of ornamentation, the Red Glittered Waffle Heart Ornament is here to elevate your festive game. It's not just an ornament; it's a glittery revolution, a heart-shaped disco ball that turns every corner of your holiday space into a dazzling celebration.

So, deck the halls with dots of red glitter and let the waffle pattern groove its way into your festive heart. The holidays just got a whole lot more dazzling – one glittery waffle heart at a time!

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