Shiny Red Heart Ornament
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  • Size: 6x4.25x2.25"
  • Material: Glass

An Inge Glas ornament made in Germany

This heart ornament is a perfect staple for any Valentine's Day or Christmas ornament collection. The Shiny Red Heart Ornament shines with the spirit of love as a vibrant emblem of passion that infuses your holiday decor with a luminous display of warmth. Hailing from the skilled hands at Inge Glas in Germany, this glossy heart is a radiant reflection of affection and celebration.

This 6-inch tall ornament, crafted from glass, serves as a vibrant declaration of love, its shiny surface catching and playing with the light in an inviting dance. As a traditional symbol of love, this glossy heart brings a classic yet fresh appeal to any Valentine's Day or Christmas tree, its gleaming surface a contrast to the deep greens and varied textures it accompanies.

The rich, red hue of this ornament is not just a color but a beacon of love's fiery heart, standing out with confidence among the festive adornments. The reflective sheen captures the essence of the holiday spirit, mirroring the joy and warmth that fills the room.

As a part of the prestigious Inge Glas creations, this ornament embodies a legacy of craftsmanship and the shared joy of the holiday season. It's a piece that holds the laughter, the reunions, and the festive atmosphere of countless holidays, becoming a precious memento with each passing year.

Gifting this Shiny Red Heart Ornament is a gesture that wraps up your deepest sentiments in a stunning package, ready to be unveiled and treasured. It promises to stand out in the festive crowd, a glossy jewel among the decorations. So, as the holiday season weaves its merry way through your home, let this Shiny Red Heart Ornament dangle with delight among the branches of your tree. It's a shining symbol of love's enduring glow, perfect for celebrating the most heartfelt time of the year.

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