Lawn Mower Ornament
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  • Size: 5x2.75x2.5"
  • Material: Glass & Glitter
  • An Old World Christmas glass ornament

Most houses and properties in the United States have a lawn in both the front and back yards, so lawn mowing is a big deal. Most young kids either start their careers with babysitting or mowing a neighbor's lawn. This would be a fun ornament to give to someone to remind them of their childhood or a chore that continues to plague them in the present! The first lawn mower was patented in 1830, and who knew, but there is a lawn mower museum in Great Britain.

Oh, the humble lawn mower – a familiar sight in garages and sheds across the country, and now, surprisingly, a shiny addition to the Christmas tree! This Lawn Mower Ornament from Old World Christmas is a tribute to the countless summer days spent grooming the front and back yards into lush green carpets.

Standing at 5 inches, this glass ornament sparkles like a freshly mowed lawn under the summer sun. The vibrant red of the mower's body is reminiscent of classic models that have been a steadfast companion through every homeowner's quest for the perfect turf.

Did you know the first lawn mower earned its patent back in 1830? And for those enthusiasts who appreciate the mechanical marvels that make our chores easier, there's even a museum in Great Britain dedicated to these grass-chomping machines.

It's a fitting salute to those early jobs of mowing the neighbor's lawn, where many young entrepreneurs first earned their stripes. Lawn mowing is almost a rite of passage, and this ornament encapsulates both the nostalgia of childhood and the persistent chore that follows us into adulthood.

Whether it's a playful nod to someone's first job, a humorous gift for the family member always tasked with lawn duty, or simply a unique piece to add to a tree full of memories, this Lawn Mower Ornament is ready to roll out and add a touch of the great outdoors to your indoor winter wonderland.

Text on Old World hang tag: Lawn care is big business in the US ($30 billion spent annually); the average American spends 4 hours per week tending their lawn. The first lawn mower was patented in 1830 by Edwin Beard Budding, inspired by watching machinery at a local cloth mill. Why not visit the British Lawnmower Museum in Merseyside, Great Britain?

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