Gavel Ornament
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  • Size: 5.25x1.75x1"
  • Material: Glass & Glitter
  • From Old World Christmas

Order! Order in the court! Whether used by a judge to maintain order in a courtroom or by an auctioneer to finalize a bid in an auction house, the wooden gavel serves as a symbol of authority. The judge or auctioneer will bang the gavel down on a desk in front of them to gain the respect and attention of the audience. Just like in real life, this gavel ornament is a symbol of achievement for the anyone pursuing a law career, so give it as a gift for the lawyer, attorney or adjudicator in your life that just passed the bar. It's a great way to represent their accomplishments on a holiday tree each year!

Unleash the power of justice and order with the Gavel Ornament by Old World Christmas—a glass masterpiece that commands attention and adds a touch of legal flair to your holiday decor!

The gavel, that iconic symbol of authority in courtrooms and meetings, has a fascinating history dating back to ancient times. Did you know that the word "gavel" comes from the Old English "gafol," meaning "tribute" or "payment," highlighting its early use in resolving disputes and levying judgments?

Our ornament captures the essence of this mighty mallet with meticulous detail, complete with glitter accents that shimmer around its edges, symbolizing the weight and impact of its decisions.

As you hang this ornament on your tree, ponder the centuries-old traditions and rituals associated with the gavel. From the solemn strikes that mark the beginning and end of legal proceedings to its symbolic representation of fairness and impartiality, the gavel embodies the principles of justice and order.

Whether you're a legal professional, a fan of courtroom dramas, or simply appreciate the symbolism of the gavel, this ornament is sure to spark conversations and admiration. It's a witty nod to the solemnity of the law and the importance of upholding justice in our society.

So, add a touch of legal gravitas to your holiday celebrations with the Gavel Ornament. Let it remind you that every decision carries weight, and every strike echoes with the pursuit of truth and righteousness. Court is adjourned... until the next ornament!

Text on Old World hang tag: Order! Order! Let this court come to session! This is a symbol of authority, respect and order. Used by judges in the court of law in the United States, the gavel is often a symbol of achievement for the career of an attorney. Used also by auctioneers, the gavel is used to maintain order and attention of bidders.

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