Twig & Candy Corn Sprays Set/2

By Transpac | Item #: TPTF00424
Twig & Candy Corn Sprays Set/2

Twig & Candy Corn Sprays Set/2

By Transpac | Item #: TPTF00424
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  • Size: 28x8x2" Each
  • Material: Plastic & Wire

Behold the enchanting Twig & Candy Corn Sprays Set by Transpac – where the mystique of the forest intertwines with the sugary allure of Halloween! In this magical collection, you'll discover not one, but two spellbinding twigs, each cloaked in the deepest shade of black and adorned with delectable candy corn – a concoction that even the most seasoned sorcerer couldn't resist.

Picture this: Two bewitched twigs, their ebony branches gracefully bedecked with the vibrant hues of candy corn. It's as if the ancient spirits of the woods decided to indulge in the festive spirit, turning their rustic branches into a tantalizing treat for the eyes. Step aside, commonplace pumpkins and specters – these twigs are here to weave a spell of sweetness into your mystical decor.

Crafted for those who revel in the mysterious beauty of the arcane, our Twig & Candy Corn Sprays Set is a bewitching fusion of the eerie and the exquisite. Whether you're adorning your lair for All Hallow's Eve or simply seeking to infuse a touch of autumnal magic into your enchanted abode, these twigs are your gateway to a harvest season steeped in otherworldly charm.

Embrace the unconventional, dear enchantress, with Transpac's Twig & Candy Corn Sprays Set – for sometimes, the most magical moments arise from the unlikeliest of sources. Let nature's spell unfold with a dash of sugary delight, for in the realm of witchcraft, even twigs can weave a tapestry of sweet enchantment.

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