Elvira's Macabre Mobile

By Department 56 | Item #: 6009788
Elvira's Macabre Mobile

Elvira's Macabre Mobile

By Department 56 | Item #: 6009788
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Product Description
  • Size: 5.75x2.25x2"
  • Material: Hand Painted Resin
  • From Department 56
  • Modeled after Elvira, Mistress of the Dark' Car
Halloween ghouls and goblins, brace yourselves for a tale that will make your heart race and send shivers down your spine. I present to you the Department 56's "Elvira's Macabre Mobile," a collectible of unparalleled intrigue from the esteemed Elvira collection. This Halloween statement accessory shall transport you to the realm of the Mistress of the Dark herself, where mystery and enchantment reign supreme.

Picture, if you will, Elvira, also known as the Mistress of the Dark, arriving on the set of her new movie in the most extraordinary fashion. Behold the Macabre Mobile, a vehicle of undeniable allure that matches Elvira's personal flair. As she steps out of the black convertible car with white wall detailing on the tires, the world falls under her spell, and you too shall be captivated.

Inside the Macabre Mobile, a sight to behold awaits. The upholstery, much like Elvira's personal attire, boasts the exotic patterns of animal print. A feast for the eyes, it evokes a sense of untamed elegance and the spirit of the wild. This bewitching interior is a testament to Elvira's unique style and a glimpse into the enigmatic world she inhabits.

Now, my dear friends, you can imagine the joy of future generations as they discover this treasure, passed down through the ages. The Macabre Mobile shall become a cherished heirloom, a symbol of Halloween magic and the timeless allure of Elvira, the Mistress of the Dark.

So, do not hesitate, my fellow seekers of the extraordinary. Add the Macabre Mobile to the Department 56 Halloween village collection and let it become the centerpiece of your display—a testament to the enduring charm of Elvira and the spirit of Halloween. It shall be a collectible that future generations will treasure, a connection to a world where darkness meets elegance, and mystery intertwines with enchantment.

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