Pumpkin Head Hyde
Pumpkin Head Hyde
Pumpkin Head Hyde
Pumpkin Head Hyde
Pumpkin Head Hyde
Pumpkin Head Hyde
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  • Size: 11.5x5x3.75"
  • Material: Hand-Painted Resin, Paper, Tin, & Feather
  • A Bethany Lowe Design

 Embark on a journey into the sinister side of squash with Bethany Lowe Designs' Pumpkin Head Hyde – a devilishly delightful creation that melds the malevolence of Mr. Hyde with the eerie allure of a sinister green pumpkin, ready to carve its way into your Halloween decor!

Meet Mr. Hyde, not in his usual ghastly state, but adorned with a wickedly grinning pumpkin head – the epitome of Halloween havoc. The pumpkin, sporting sharp teeth and a melting center, oozes an air of mischief that's sure to send shivers down your spine. Dressed in an all-black ensemble, Hyde is the pumpkin prince of malevolence.

What's that atop his head? A leathery top hat adorned with stitches, a black feather, and a tag proudly declaring "Mr. Hyde." It's not just a hat; it's a crown of creepy couture that screams, "This pumpkin means business!"

In one hand, he wields a lantern, its flickering candle casting an eerie glow that guides him through the shadows. In the other, a bone-turned-cane, adding a touch of sinister sophistication to his gourd-geous ensemble.

Bethany Lowe Designs has once again concocted a creation that's as witty as it is wonderfully wicked. Pumpkin Head Hyde is not just a figure; he's a malevolent masterpiece, ready to haunt your Halloween decor with a deviously dashing presence.

So, let him carve a path through the darkness, let the pumpkin prince reign over your spooky collection, and watch as Pumpkin Head Hyde becomes the highlight of your Halloween haunt. Bethany Lowe Designs' creation is not just a figure; it's a darkly delightful delight that says, "Embrace the sinister squash, let the Halloween havoc begin, and may your decor be forever wickedly whimsical!" After all, who said pumpkins can't be the masters of malevolence in your eerie ensemble?

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