Ghostly Witch
Ghostly Witch
Ghostly Witch
Ghostly Witch
Ghostly Witch
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  • Size: 16x7x7"
  • Material: Hand-Painted Resin, Fabric, Natural Fibers, Natural Moss, Faux Leather & Cording
  • A Bethany Lowe Design

Step into the mystic tapestry of enchantment with Bethany Lowe Designs' Ghostly Witch – a hauntingly exquisite creation poised to cast a spell of magical elegance upon any abode. This isn't mere decoration; it's a spectral vision adorned in flowing, tattered white robes, a bewitching masterpiece that beckons, "Gather 'round, kindred spirits, and let the magic unfurl!"

Visualize a witch, not cloaked in the usual shadows, but draped in robes that dance with an ethereal grace, as pale as moonlight guiding her magical endeavors. The otherworldly charm of her spectral presence unfolds in the tattered folds of these robes.

Focus on the pointy witch hat – a crown of enchantment adorned with three small black bats, poised to take flight into the mystical unknown. Within her grasp, a green book of ancient spells awaits, its secrets whispering with every turned page. A broom, her trusty companion, clutched in her grip, symbolizing her ability to soar through the night skies.

The pièce de résistance – a bird cage clasped in her bewitched hands. Inside, a crow perches, eyes gleaming with mysterious intelligence. Moss blankets the floor of the cage, creating a haven for the feathered familiar. It's not a mere cage; it's a portal to the spirit world, a mystical abode for the crow to carry messages between realms.

Allow her to guide into a world of spells, broomstick flights, and mystical creatures. The Ghostly Witch is not just a decoration; she's a spectral storyteller that whispers, "Embrace the magic, let the enchantment unfold, and may any realm be forever bewitched!" In the world of the supernatural, witches are the essence of elegance and magic.

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