Pink Cracked Egg Ornament

By Bethany Lowe Designs | Item #: TL1339p
Pink Cracked Egg Ornament

Pink Cracked Egg Ornament

By Bethany Lowe Designs | Item #: TL1339p
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Product Description
  • Size: 2.5x2x2"
  • Material: Hand-Painted Resin, Paper Grass & Chenille
  • A Bethany Lowe design

Introduce the spirit of springtime with the charming Pink Cracked Egg Ornament. This cute little ornament will undoubtedly be a charming addition to your Easter tree. The egg is crafted from hand-painted resin, with a soft pastel pink hue and a fuzzy Chenille handle that adds texture and interest. The inside of the egg is filled with paper grass, adding to its allure. The Pink Cracked Egg Ornament is a great addition to your home decor, because it looks beautiful when hung on a feather tree or included in an Easter bunny display. Its gentle and cheerful color blends perfectly with other natural and neutral colors, making it suitable for any home decorating style. Whether you keep it for yourself or give it as a gift, you'll love how it adds warmth and charm to your space.

The Pink Cracked Egg Ornament is here to introduce the spirit of springtime, a Bethany Lowe design that brings the softness of spring color into your Easter décor. This hand-painted resin ornament, measuring a petite 2.5 inches, captures the essence of the season with its understated charm and gentle color.

This ornament is beautifully shaped into a fine cracked resin egg, its pink shell reminiscent of the tender petals of cherry blossoms. Within its embrace lies a bed of paper grass, crinkled and soft, ready to cushion your precious Easter mementos or simply to add a blush of springtime hue to your surroundings. The artful painting lends this piece a touch of whimsy, as if it were a cherished keepsake straight from a springtime fable.

Graced with a chenille handle, this egg ornament offers a quaint nod to yesteryear's craft, allowing for easy hanging on an Easter tree or as a sweet standalone accent in a seasonal display. The handle's texture contrasts with the smoothness of the egg, adding depth and interest to the piece.

As an emblem of Easter's gentle side and the soft rebirth that the season promises, the Pink Cracked Egg Ornament symbolizes the tender moments of the holiday. It stands ready to become a beloved feature in your holiday décor, bringing with it a serene elegance and the hopeful spirit that defines the time of new beginnings and soft blooms.

Whether as a central highlight or a subtle accent within your Easter decorations, this Pink Cracked Egg Ornament is set to enhance the atmosphere with its calming presence and serve as a heartfelt symbol of the season's gentle joy and rejuvenation.

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