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  • Size: 19x6.5x4.5"
  • Material: Resin, Paper, Fabric & Glitter
  • Designed by Dee Foust Harvey
  • Made by ESC & Company

We love the magical creations of Dee Foust-Harvey - especially the clever and delightful figure called Twinkle. Inspired by the timeless nursery rhyme "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," Dee has infused her creativity and imagination into this charming snowman clown.

After taking some time away from creating folk art, Dee has returned with an array of brand new pieces, and Twinkle shines brightly as one of her standout designs. This fun-loving snowman clown is sure to capture the hearts of all who lay eyes on him.

Twinkle stands proudly on a snowball, exuding a sense of joy and wonder. In his hands, he holds two twinkling silver stars, as if reaching for the very stars in the night sky. Above his tinsel-trimmed, tilted head, a radiant star serves as a reminder of the magic and sparkle that surrounds him.

Dressed in a shiny dotted clown costume, embellished with a tinsel front placket, Twinkle embodies the spirit of fun and playfulness. His outfit exudes a sense of whimsy and joy, perfectly matching his lively and captivating personality.

Dee's creativity knows no bounds, and Twinkle is a perfect example of her ability to combine inspiration from various sources to create a truly unique and charming figure. With his infectious energy and twinkling stars, Twinkle is a wonderful addition to any holiday collection.

Embrace the magic of Twinkle and let his joyful spirit brighten your holiday season. Whether as a centerpiece or part of a festive display, Twinkle is sure to bring a smile to your face and add a touch of wonder to your celebrations.

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