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Papa Ridley
Papa Ridley
Papa Ridley
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Product Description
  • Size: 15.5x4x4"
  • Material: Resin, Ribbon, Paper & Glitter
  • Year Introduced: 2022
  • A Dee Foust-Harvey design for ESC & Company

Once upon a winter's day, in the heart of a snow-covered village, there stood a tall and elegant snowman named Papa Ridley from the creative mind of Dee Foust-Harvey. With a tilted head and a warm smile, he greeted all the passersby with a sense of holiday cheer.

Papa Ridley was no ordinary snowman. His unique appearance set him apart from the others in the village. Perched atop his head was a very large red cone hat, adorned with three sparkling silver stars at the front. The hat was tied around his neck with a satin bow, giving him a touch of festive elegance.

Every morning, Papa Ridley would carefully inspect his beloved hat, ensuring that the stars were shining brightly and that the bow was perfectly tied. To him, the hat was not just an accessory but a symbol of the magic and joy of the holiday season.

In his hands, he held a garland of four silver glittered stars. He had fashioned the garland himself, with great care and attention to detail. It symbolized the guiding light that brightened the darkest winter nights, spreading hope and love to all who passed by.

Despite his tall stature, Papa Ridley was gentle and kind, always ready to lend a helping hand or share a warm smile. Children would often gather around him, laughing and playing, as he listened to their dreams and wishes for the holiday season.

At the base of Papa Ridley stood a snowball, a sturdy foundation that kept him grounded amidst the chilly winds. He was a beacon of joy and celebration, radiating warmth even in the coldest of days.

As the winter days passed, Papa Ridley became a cherished figure in the village, a symbol of love, hope, and togetherness. Families would come from far and wide to see his glowing red hat and admire the beautiful garland he held.

With each passing day, the magic of the holiday season grew stronger in the village, and Papa Ridley's presence only added to the enchantment. He was not just a snowman but a reminder of the true spirit of Christmas - a time of giving, love, and celebration.

And so, the legend of Papa Ridley, the snowman with the sparkling silver stars and the large red cone hat, lived on for generations in the hearts of the villagers. His memory brought smiles to the faces of young and old alike, and his warm spirit continued to shine bright, lighting up the winter nights with joy and wonder.

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