Orange Glittered Ghost Ornament

By Traditions | Item #: GTH29O
Orange Glittered Ghost Ornament

Orange Glittered Ghost Ornament

By Traditions | Item #: GTH29O
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  • Size: 6"
  • Material: German glass & glitter

Gather 'round, you festive phantoms and spirited spooks! Behold the star of the spectral show: our Orange Glittered Ghost Ornament by Traditions! This ethereal enigma isn’t just your run-of-the-mill apparition; it's a dazzling, glistening, and downright fabulous ghost with a flair for fashion and a penchant for purple.

Imagine a ghostly figure, its otherworldly form cloaked in a vibrant orange shimmer that rivals the hues of a bewitching sunset. But oh, it doesn't stop there! This charming specter is bedazzled with hints of mesmerizing purple and beguiling blue glitter, giving it an aura of cosmic mystery that's perfect for the spookiest season of all.

And those eyes! Oh, those eyes! Deep, captivating purple orbs that seem to hold secrets of centuries past, inviting you into a world where the supernatural meets sophistication. It's as if this ghost has seen countless Halloweens and is here to sprinkle a bit of its spectral wisdom into your holiday festivities.

Hang it on your tree and watch as it catches the light, twinkling and sparkling with an otherworldly glow that would make even the stars jealous. It's not just an ornament; it's a conversation starter, a bewitching statement piece, and a reminder that even in the world of the supernatural, style matters.

Why settle for ordinary ornaments when you can have a ghost that’s not just haunting, but haute-ing? Embrace the spirit of the season with our Orange Glittered Ghost Ornament by Traditions. Because in the realm of festive frights, why not add a dash of fabulousness? Happy haunting!

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