Orange Pumpkin Heads Set/2

By Primitives by Kathy | Item #: PK38406
Orange Pumpkin Heads Set/2

Orange Pumpkin Heads Set/2

By Primitives by Kathy | Item #: PK38406
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  • Size: 5x4" & 4x3"
  • Material: Stuffed Fabric with Wood Stem
  • A Primitives by Kathy Design
Indulge in the beauty of American folk art with these charming orange stuffed pumpkins from Primitives by Kathy. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these simple fabric pumpkins epitomize the essence of traditional craftsmanship.

Each pumpkin features a real wood stem, adding an authentic touch to their rustic appeal. The whimsical character of these pumpkins comes to life through the unique fabric strips that are artfully whip stitched along the edges, forming the adorable nose of each pumpkin. No two pumpkins are alike, making them truly one of a kind and adding an element of delightful surprise to your decor.

The expressive faces of these cuties will capture your heart. With wide-set black beads for eyes and skillfully stitched black thread forming the shape of their mouths, they exude personality and charm. These endearing details make them a standout addition to your Halloween display, evoking a sense of nostalgia and warmth.

Whether placed on a mantel, nestled among autumn foliage, or adorning a festive centerpiece, these orange stuffed pumpkins will infuse your space with a captivating allure. Their simplicity and handmade quality embody the spirit of American folk art, bringing a touch of timeless beauty to your Halloween decor.

Embrace the artistry of Primitives by Kathy and adorn your home with these delightful orange stuffed pumpkins. Their craftsmanship, from the real wood stems to the unique fabric accents, showcases the finest of traditional techniques. Let these little cuties bring an irresistible charm and whimsy to your Halloween celebrations.

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