Red Bible Ornament
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  • Size: 3.75"
  • Material: Glass
  • From Old World Christmas

This glass tree ornament from Old World Christmas serves as a sparkling homage to a book that has been a cornerstone for many: the Bible. As the all-time bestseller and most translated book, it's fitting that this emblem of faith takes a special place among the branches of Christmas trees, celebrating the season's profounder meanings.

The Red Bible Ornament, measuring 3.75 inches, is a part of a deeply-rooted heritage. Its red lacquered glass surface, adorned with radiant golden glitter and lettering, catches the light and the eye, reminding onlookers of the luminescence found in the enduring words of the 66 books that compose the Bible.

Written over sixteen centuries by more than forty authors, the Bible's narrative tells of God's interactions in human history, and this ornament gives form to the reverence with which these stories are held. It's a physical representation of ""the word of God,"" as considered by many, fashioned to be a part of the warmth and tradition of the holiday season.

Perfect for gifting or for adding to your ornament collection, the Red Bible Ornament is an affirmation of faith and history, meant to be shared and appreciated year after year. Displaying the Good Book in this form is a novel way to incorporate personal beliefs and values into holiday decor, symbolizing the importance of faith and tradition during a time of gathering and celebration. It's a delicate addition that offers a pause for reflection amid the festive joy.

Text on Old World hang tag: Considered to be the word of God by many religions, the Bible is a collection of books written by more than forty authors over sixteen centuries. Telling the story of God s interactions in human history, it is the world s all-time best selling and most translated book 

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