Billy Bloom

By Lori Mitchell | Item #: ESC15511
Billy Bloom
Billy Bloom
Billy Bloom

Billy Bloom

By Lori Mitchell | Item #: ESC15511
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Product Description
  • Size: 7x6x2.5"
  • Material: Resin
  • A Lori Mitchell design for ESC & Company
Ah, Billy Bloom, a delightful figure by Lori Mitchell that captures the essence of spring with his charming attire and vibrant flower that stands taller than him! As a passionate gardener, I am delighted to share the story of this enchanting character.

Spring is a time of new beginnings, where nature awakens from its winter slumber and bursts forth with vibrant colors and blossoming flowers. And Billy Bloom embodies the spirit of this season with his dapper outfit and his magnificent flower.  Dressed in a crisp, white collared blue shirt and adorned with a bright red "bow" tie, Billy Bloom exudes a sense of charm and style. His green and white striped shorts add a playful touch, reflecting the freshness and vibrancy of spring.

But it is the giant purple and red flower, could it be a Cosmos?? that truly steals the show. Held proudly in Billy Bloom's hands, it serves as a symbol of the blossoming beauty that fills the gardens during this time of year. Its vibrant colors and large petals make a bold statement, inviting the essence of spring into your home.

Lori Mitchell's attention to detail is evident in the iconic striped socks that Billy wears, which add a touch of whimsy and character. This signature touch reflects the playful nature of the season and adds a unique charm to the figure.  Whether displayed as part of an Easter arrangement or a spring-themed decor, Billy Bloom brings the brightness and joy of blossoming flowers into your home. His presence serves as a gentle reminder that spring is here, a time for growth, rejuvenation, and the celebration of new life.

As a gardener, I appreciate the way Billy Bloom captures the spirit of spring. His delightful attire and magnificent flower embody the essence of the season, reminding us of the beauty and wonder that nature bestows upon us.

So, welcome the spring season with Billy Bloom by your side. Let his dapper appearance and vibrant flower serve as a reminder to embrace the joys of spring and cultivate your own blooming garden. With Billy's presence, your home will be filled with the essence of spring, bringing a touch of nature's beauty into your daily life.

Happy gardening, my fellow enthusiasts, and may Billy Bloom inspire you to embrace the wonders of the spring season with open arms.

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