Susie Sunshine
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  • Size: 7.75x5x1.75"
  • Material: Resin
  • A Lori Mitchell design for ESC & Company
Susie Sunshine can make any day a fun and sunny day just by being there, which is why she's always ready to hold a spontaneous picnic by carrying her picnic basket around! Radiating cuteness, she wears a little orange bow, sky blue skirt with fun little dashed checks and striped socks that even resemble a rainbow! An adorable figure for any time of year, she's especially fun in an Easter or spring display. Maybe she can help chase the rain away during the holidays with her sunny disposition!

In a world where clouds and raindrops often dominated the sky, there was a little figure named Susie Sunshine who had the remarkable ability to brighten any day. Designed by the talented hands of Lori Mitchell, Susie Sunshine brought warmth and cheer wherever she went.

With her sunny disposition and infectious smile, Susie had the power to turn even the gloomiest of moments into moments of joy. She believed that happiness could be found in the simplest of things, and she made it her mission to spread that happiness far and wide.

Dressed in an ensemble as vibrant as her personality, Susie radiated cuteness from head to toe. A little orange bow adorned her golden locks, adding a playful touch to her appearance. Her sky blue skirt, decorated with fun little dashed checks, fluttered in the breeze as she skipped along. And let's not forget her striped socks, resembling a rainbow and reminding everyone of the beauty that can emerge after a storm.

Susie's favorite pastime was hosting spontaneous picnics, and she always carried her trusty picnic basket with her. Filled with delicious treats and refreshing drinks, it was a symbol of her readiness to bring joy to any moment. Whether it was a sunny spring day or a holiday gathering, Susie Sunshine's presence could turn an ordinary occasion into something truly special.

While she was a delightful figure to have at any time of the year, Susie truly shone in Easter and spring displays. As the flowers bloomed and nature awakened, she was there, spreading her sunny disposition to all who crossed her path. Even on the rainiest of holidays, she had a way of chasing away the clouds and bringing a ray of sunshine to the hearts of those around her.

So, embrace the joy and radiance of Susie Sunshine, and let her be a reminder that even in the darkest of times, a little bit of sunshine can make all the difference. Display her in your home, and may her infectious spirit inspire you to embrace the beauty of each day and find happiness in the simplest of moments.

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