Little Bumblebee
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  • Size: 6.5x2.5"
  • Material: Resin & Metal
  • A Lori Mitchell Easter design for ESC & Company
BUZZZZ!!!  In the enchanting world of Lori Mitchell's collection, there's a figure that embodies the vibrant spirit of spring—the delightful Little Bumblebee. With eager anticipation, Little Bumblebee has been buzzing about, eagerly awaiting the arrival of this joyful season. And now, at last, the signs of spring are evident in her bright and beaming face.

Just like a busy bee, Little Bumblebee has a special affinity for brightly colored flowers, particularly the red and yellow blossom she cradles in her tiny hands. It's as if the vibrant hues of nature have come to life within her charming figure. Dressed in a delightful bumblebee costume, complete with delicate wings and a black curly headdress adorned with yellow antennae, she brings a touch of whimsy to any display.

Little Bumblebee is more than just a figure; she is a symbol of the playful joy that springs forth when nature awakens. Her presence is a reminder of the buzzing excitement and beauty that surrounds us during this season of renewal. Pairing her with Little Ladybug creates a captivating display, a delightful scene straight out of a blooming garden.

As spring unfolds, let Little Bumblebee inspire you to embrace the wonder and colors of nature. Whether displayed as part of a seasonal collection or adorning a shelf year-round, she brings a touch of cheer and reminds us to cherish the simple joys that come with the changing seasons.

So, let Little Bumblebee buzz into your heart and home, spreading the enchantment of spring with her sunny disposition. Embrace the vibrant energy of this delightful figure and allow her to be a constant reminder of the joy and beauty that surrounds us, all through the buzzing days of spring and beyond.

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