Hershey's™ Syrup Bottle Ornament

By Kurt Adler | Item #: HY0180
Hershey's™ Syrup Bottle Ornament

Hershey's™ Syrup Bottle Ornament

By Kurt Adler | Item #: HY0180
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Product Description
  • Size: 5.5x2.5x1.5"
  • Material: Glass & Glitter
  • A Kurt Adler Ornament

There's nothing like taking a big glass of cold milk and pouring in some Hershey's™ Syrup to make home made chocolate milk! Perhaps you prefer to pour it over ice cream with some nuts and a cherry on top. Either way, chocolate lovers would hate to miss having this Hershey's™ Syrup Bottle ornament on their tree this Christmas!

Who's ready for a drizzle of holiday sweetness? The Hershey's™ Syrup Bottle Ornament is serving up a big, nostalgic splash of chocolatey goodness, all wrapped up in a 5.5-inch tall glass decoration that's sure to make any chocolate lover's heart melt faster than chocolate on a hot stove.

Remember those days when you'd sneak a spoonful of Hershey's™ Syrup, or when the best part of making chocolate milk was watching the syrup swirl into the cold milk before stirring it up? Or maybe you're more the type to drizzle it over a scoop of vanilla ice cream, letting it cascade down the sides before topping it with nuts and a cherry. This ornament brings all those sweet memories right back to you.

Now, imagine your Christmas tree decked out with this iconic Hershey's™ Syrup Bottle, complete with a Santa hat for that extra festive touch. It's like every time you glance at your tree, you can almost taste the rich, chocolatey flavor. It's a humble reminder of simple joys and delicious moments.

This glass tree ornament is a little tribute to those who appreciate the finer things in life – and by finer, we mean chocolate, of course. It's a fun, unexpected way to show off what you love during the holidays. And let's be honest, who wouldn't want to celebrate Christmas with a little bit of sweetness from Hershey's™?

Give your tree a taste of the sweet life this Christmas with the Hershey's™ Syrup Bottle Ornament. It's a playful nod to all the chocolate aficionados out there and a delightful addition to your festive decorations. Chocolate dreams do come true, it seems!

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