Gothic Arch with Cross Ornament

By Katherine's Collection | Item #: 683023C
Gothic Arch with Cross Ornament

Gothic Arch with Cross Ornament

By Katherine's Collection | Item #: 683023C
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  • Size: 8x3.5x1.5"
  • Material: Wire, Resin, Glitter & Faux Gem Stones

Step through a portal of splendor and into a realm where grandeur is woven into every detail – this is the Gothic Arch with Cross Ornament, a bejeweled spectacle that tells tales of ancient grandiosity and spiritual depth. Far from ordinary, this ornament is a miniature gala of medieval magnificence, poised to captivate and enchant. Your tree will stand not merely as a festive symbol, but as a monument to the resplendent saga of art and faith.

Behold the architectural marvel of the gothic arch, recreated here not with stone but with the finest metallic threads, intertwined to form a vault of exquisite elegance. Its silhouette is classic, its presence majestic, and its structure a lattice of sophistication. Encrusted with jewels of every hue – from the deepest blues to the most radiant reds – this ornament is a kaleidoscope of color, each gem catching light to dance with the shadows.

At the core of this splendid ornament is the cross, an emblem embellished with golden luster and encircled by a halo of gemstones. This cross is the heart from which all beauty emanates, its arms outstretched, reaching into the soul of the season. This Gothic Arch with Cross Ornament is a testament to the art of ornamentation, a jubilant proclamation of faith, and an eloquent homage to the architectural wonders that have graced the skylines of old for centuries.

Drape it amidst the boughs of your Christmas tree and let the gothic arch transform your home into a cathedral of wonder and history. As it sways gently with the whisper of winter’s breath, it becomes a narrator of ancient stories, an invoker of awe, and a beacon of the enduring spirit that holidays bring. Embrace the holiday season with this Gothic Arch with Cross Ornament be a gateway to a yuletide of opulence, mystery, and a testament to timeless tales of yore. 

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